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Viser innlegg fra 2016

s o r r y m u m sharing - find your WHY

Simon Sinek: https://youtu.be/nRaqe9M2DYc
Take a good look at your life. Do you enjoy what you`re doing? Do you have a reason for doing it? WHY do you do what you do? Do you wake up in the morning happy and eager to go to work?
Simon Sinek put it all in perspective for me. After I found my WHY it inspires and gives me the drive I need to work on my new project. It also taught me why my previous start-ups didn`t become a huge success. I didn`t know why I did it. I knew what I was doingand how I how to do it, but my heart was not in it. This time I found my WHY and it gives me the inspiration I need to do what is required to make it a success. Although sometimes I forget my WHY and get lost in numbers and emptiness, which I regard to be leftoverthoughts from previous startups and experiences. But when my WHY clicks in again, it gets me back on the right track immediately, and I feel pure joy and an insane urge to work and share. By the way - the success I reach for is not about money. Tha…

s o r r y m u m vil spise opp alle julekakene i dag - hva ville Mormor gjort?

Det er den tiden - den tiden jeg blir som et barn igjen og vil spise kaker hver dag. Forskjellen nå fra jeg var liten til voksen, er at det er jeg som baker alle småkakene. Men det hemmer ikke apetitten. Jeg baker nemlig de kakene jeg liker best selv. Tørre julekaker. Ut-og-inn-kaker. Mine går ikke inn igjen. Så ble det tomt, da. Og jeg spør meg selv igjen: 

"Hva ville Mormor gjort?"

Mormor ville ha porsjonert ut julekakene nøye. Planlagt. Eller hun ville, i all hemmelighet og uten å si noe til skokken med barnebarn som kom på besøk i Julen, hun ville bakt nye når det ble tomt. Hå! God Jul!

A letter to my friends - Children first - New year wish 2017

My dear Friends,
Its been a while. But it is time. For change. I am writing to ask you a favour. Not for me, but for our children and our grandchildren.
It can be difficult to teach an old dog new tricks – a saying. The old dog being me and perhaps you. Still - we are the ones who need to teach the children new tricks. To educate them on how to take care of eachother and of the planet.
I believe the right way is not by exploiting nature, but by exploring nature – like small children do. In order to fall in love. When you are in love you want to nurture and learn how to do that in the best way and in the right way for love to flourish. Make the children fall in love with planet Earth.
I ask you to show the children, teach them, take them to the woods and the lakes, the oceans and the desserts. Show them the beauty and the magnificence of Nature. Show them her fragility and her strength. Show them the beauty of whales playing and purring between the ice-flakes. Show them the blue beauty of …

s o r r y m u m monday - hang in there!

Soon Tuesday will come, and it will all be good...Even for cats and even in Venice Mondays exist. Stay calm. Wait it out. Down the step a beautiful Tuesday arises. Have faith. Do something else this afternoon. Yoga is good for you. Read up on what the Pope says about the environment and the climate change http://w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/encyclicals/documents/papa-francesco_20150524_enciclica-laudato-si.html=
And for the sake of the planet, yourself and a happy Tuesday  - dear Americans: vote for Hillary.

Today is Wednesday - and it still feels like Monday. What happened, USA?!!! 

s o r r y m u m

s o r r y m u m - I got life!

I got my hair
I got my head I got my brains I got my ears I got my eyes I got my nose I got my mouth I got my teeth

I got life, mother I got laughs, sister I got freedom, brother I got good times, man I got crazy ways, daughter I got million-dollar charm, cousin I got headaches and toothaches And bad times too Like you

Pretty hippycow! You are adorable!

s o r r y m u m

s o r r y m u m Venice - doglovers behind the scenes in Italy

You cannot stay in Venice and not notice how much the dogs are loved. Everywhere you see them. In the streets, at the restaurants, at the trainstations, in the shops, at the bars. Not so unusual. What I found extraordinary, however, was the owners attitude towards their dogs. I never saw an owner yell at his dog. Only patience and love. And the dogs where socialised and included. And happy and patient. How wonderful to see the old dog allowing the puppy to say hi and the two owner chattings in the street - going in different directions but taking the time to stop and let their dogs greet eachother. This is how the puppies learns about other dogs and how to be a dog with other dogs. Stuff only a dog can teach a dog.

I photographed these dogs and their owners in Venice in april 2016. Thank you, Venice!

s o r r y m u m

s o r r y m u m matauke - stillehavsøsters til besvær

For 3 år siden skrev jeg følgende:

Østers plukket i en liten bukt i Sandefjord.

Sitat fra www.renmat.no:

Vi oppfordres av Havforskningsinstituttet til å lete etter Stillehavsøsters som er i ferd med å foreta en "unfriendly takeover" langs kysten vår. Den kan bli et problem i årene fremover, og vi oppfordres derfor til å hente opp og spise så mye stillehavsøsters som mulig. Havforskningsinstituttet er også takknemlige hvis du melder fra hvor du finner den....Stillehavsøsters liker seg på grunt vann og er utsatt for måkeskit. Derfor bør stillehavsøsters varmehandles før de spises.

Flatøstersen er den norske arten - truet av stillehavsøstersens inntog i fjordene våre. Globalisering og innvandring uten papirarbeide, men for en smak! Dampet som blåskjell - tar noe lengre tid før de åpner seg - smaker de fortreffelig en solskinnsdag sent i september. Legg de i gryte med litt hvitvin, eventuelt bare vann, og damp til de åpner seg. Har  du sett noe så vakkert! Nydelig smak og konsistens…

s o r r y m u m reminder - life does not end after 40

The other day I read about the trend of women and men settling with a family later in life - around their thirties. Before they start sharing their lives, they get to create a life of their own. To create an identity, finish their studies, perhaps a career before they choose to share their life with someone.

Good idea. Good idea to get to know yourself before you get to know someone else. Makes it a lot easier. Maybe. There are no guarantees, you see. Life just happens and not everything can be planned. Life does not care about your plans - perhaps Life has it´s own agenda and it keeps it a secret. When life throws you around you don´t always get it. Until perhaps later.
Anyway. This is a reminder to YOU to live and to not believe that life and the one you are ceases to exist after you have married and have children. Or whatever way you choose to live. You are still you, but you need to take care of that part yourself. Nurture yourself. Be true to yourself. In parts of the world you can…

s o r r y m u m - a real tweet

s o r r y m u m Wall Street - a fish named Gordon

A fish on Wall Street, New York. What can I say - is he for real? Unlike many things going on on Wall Street and similar streets in this world - Gordon is real. 

Gordon lives in a fishbowl in a studio on Wall Street, on Lower Manhattan, in the city of New York, in the State of New York, in the United States of America, on the American continent, on the Earth, in the Universe, in.....

Gordon is a real fish and a Siamese Fighting Fish. Put two male fightingfish together and they will kill each other. They dont really fit in with any other fish. They kill, are killed or just nibbled at. Other fish seem to love their spectacular tails. 

So how come Gordon chose Wall Street? Who is Gordon? Is he in solitary? For what reason? Does he enjoy his view? What is his last name - mysterious Gordon? Is it Gekko? Is he lonely? Who feeds him? What does he do for fun? Does he ever get out of his Wallstreetfishbowl and have a look at the world? Should we feel sorry for Gordon? Can he think? You tell me. H…

s o r r y m u m homo ludens - play and create

This collage is a result of a particular person not wanting to work - just play. She being all homo ludens - a playing woman -  today.

The issue when not keeping focus on workrelated activities - during the hours of the day you are supposed to, is to make sure you enjoy yourself. Because God knows - and you all know - guiltypleasure is hard to deal with.

Then again, I believe we actually do not play enough on a daily basis. We should spend time playing every day, and sometimes all day. Have fun. Play with whatever gives you joy and pleasure. Know what happened to me after todays playday? I awoke my creativity. And work became play.

Go! Play! Create!

s o r r y m u m 

s o r r y m u m rydder plast i skjærgården - hva ville mormor sagt?

Hva ville mormor sagt?

Jeg rydder plast og annet søppel i skjærgården i Sandefjord. Jeg rydder de små plastbitene, sigarettsneipene og bruskorkene som fugl og fisk spiser fordi de forveksler plastbitene med mat. Vi leser mye om konsekvensene av dette. Skilpadder som sulter fordi magen er fylt med plastbiter og gir metthetsfølelse, strandede hvaler med plast og bildeler i magen og hekkeplasser for albatross på øyer utenfor Australia der kyllingene dør fordi de mates med plast av velmenende foreldre.

Men vi behøver ikke reise langt for å se konsekvensene av forbruket vårt. Dette bildet av en ærfugl på egg er tatt på en holme ytterst i Tønsbergfjorden våren 2016. Jeg plukket to kilo plast på en halv time rundt denne vakre og tålmodige moren. Du ser selv.

Hva ville mormor sagt? Vi skrur tiden tilbake og hun ville svart med en masse spørsmål: Hva er plast? Hva er en plastbærepose? Hva er en plastflaske? Hvordan ble det sånn? Hvorfor bruker du plast, da? Når du vet at dette skjer? Spiser dere …

s o r r y m u m lager mislykket majones - hva ville mormor gjort?

Mormor ville ikke kastet en majones som ikke ville tykne fordi hun var for utålmodig til å vente til eggene fikk samme temperatur som oljen. Hun ville ikke bannet - mest fordi hun var halvkristen og sørlending - men ville nok tenkt at de gode eggene hun hadde brukt til majonesen ikke hverken skulle eller kunne går til spille. 

At eggene mine var økologiske gjør jeg et poeng av i dag. Mormors egg var fra egne høner på gården og økologiske egg den gangen var bare egg. I dag er egg egg som er produsert av høner som er stappet ufrivillig inn i små bur med kun ett formål: å produsere egg og produsenten (ikke en bonde?)må påse at den stakkars høna ikke blir syk i kroppen underveis i verpingen, med den følge at medisineringen foregår kontinuerlig og via foret. Psykisk ubalanse er hun garantert i. Høna.Etter to forsøk - faktisk tre - ga jeg opp og satt "suppa" til siden. Hva gjorde jeg dagen etterpå når den sårede stoltheten over majonesen som ikke ville tykne hadde lagt seg? Jo! Jeg…

s o r r y m u m vil shoppe - hva ville mormor gjort?

Jeg ønsker meg nye kjøkkenstoler. Mormor gjorde kanskje også det, men hun hadde de samme stolene så lenge jeg husker. Og gyngestolen hennes står fremdeles i huset hun bodde i med sine seks barn. Gyngestolen hun hadde arvet etter sin mor som bodde på loftet hos henne da hun ble gammel og ikke klarte seg selv lenger. Besta kalte de henne, og hun var en dyster skikkelse i sort som var mest på rommet sitt i andre etasje og banket i gulvet til mormor med stokken sin når hun trengte noe eller ville si noe. 

Mormor kjøpte ikke nye ting. Hun hadde den samme tapeten i finstuen og den samme divanen i dagligstuen som hun sov på når vi barnebarna var på besøk og fikk sove i Amerika-sengen hun hadde med seg da hun kom hjem fra Brooklyn med mannen sin og min tante og førstefødte på seks uker i året 1932. Den sengen står fremdeles i mormorhuset. Mormor hadde altså seks barn og Besta på loftet. Hun hadde ingen jobb utenfor hjemmet og sikkert ikke tid til det, heller. Så visste hun, det jeg kanskje lær…

s o r r y m u m quote on happiness

It`s not about what I earn. It`s about what I do.