s o r r y m u m Venice - doglovers behind the scenes in Italy

You cannot stay in Venice and not notice how much the dogs are loved. Everywhere you see them. In the streets, at the restaurants, at the trainstations, in the shops, at the bars. Not so unusual. What I found extraordinary, however, was the owners attitude towards their dogs. I never saw an owner yell at his dog. Only patience and love. And the dogs where socialised and included. And happy and patient. How wonderful to see the old dog allowing the puppy to say hi and the two owner chattings in the street - going in different directions but taking the time to stop and let their dogs greet eachother. This is how the puppies learns about other dogs and how to be a dog with other dogs. Stuff only a dog can teach a dog.

I photographed these dogs and their owners in Venice in april 2016. Thank you, Venice!

s o r r y m u m


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