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Viser innlegg fra juni, 2015

Earthquake in Nepal, Ashesh and Nekhvams local aid

Local band, Ashesh and Nekhvam, have from day one personally engaged in the aid and rebuilding of Nepal after the earthquake. 
On their facebookpage you can read and follow their wonderful work day by day in words and pictures. Please contact Ashesh if you can help out. The bankingsystem is working and transfers are safe. 

After Earthquake Day 36Sleep less night and prayersText and Photo: Ashesh Dangol
It was around 10:13 pm at night and people came out from their house again. It was just 4.3 according to the news but it felt little bit harder than the other 4.3. 
Earthquake doesn’t kill people but the construction of the buildings do. And most of the houses in Kathmandu is made of concrete and there are lots of illegal tall buildings all over the city. People cannot sleep at night due to continue after shocks and the concrete buildings with out the builders certificate.
People are feeling helpless and frustrated. The self-made…