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Viser innlegg fra juni, 2016

s o r r y m u m Wall Street - a fish named Gordon

A fish on Wall Street, New York. What can I say - is he for real? Unlike many things going on on Wall Street and similar streets in this world - Gordon is real. 

Gordon lives in a fishbowl in a studio on Wall Street, on Lower Manhattan, in the city of New York, in the State of New York, in the United States of America, on the American continent, on the Earth, in the Universe, in.....

Gordon is a real fish and a Siamese Fighting Fish. Put two male fightingfish together and they will kill each other. They dont really fit in with any other fish. They kill, are killed or just nibbled at. Other fish seem to love their spectacular tails. 

So how come Gordon chose Wall Street? Who is Gordon? Is he in solitary? For what reason? Does he enjoy his view? What is his last name - mysterious Gordon? Is it Gekko? Is he lonely? Who feeds him? What does he do for fun? Does he ever get out of his Wallstreetfishbowl and have a look at the world? Should we feel sorry for Gordon? Can he think? You tell me. H…