s o r r y m u m - swallows tweeting and resting on the sailboat - magic Norwegian summer

Swallows tweeting on a sailboat in Norway. Photo: K.Udland

This happened in a remote bay in Sandefjord in the south of Norway. We woke up in the boat at four oclock in the earlymorninglight by these swallows tweeting on the boat. Maybe 30 of them. I don't know why. The mainland was not far from the boat. Still they chose to rest with us. Twice. It was magic. I felt chosen - by nature. This was a real tweet

Please don't tell me if you have a logical explanation to this - I'll rather stick to my magical explanation which makes me feel a little magic, too. I need that. I need someting that is not all excelsheets, profit, project management, ROI, terror in Bhagdad, paintingthehouse, washingthecar, beingontime, planningmyday, doingmytaxes, makingthechoices, balancinglife. I WANT MORE MAGIC! BRING IT ON! I CAN TAKE IT!Thank you.

Wishing you a magic summer!

s o r r y m u m


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