s o r r y m u m rebel - occupy Wall Street, NY September 17th 2011

Occupy Wall Street Gathering in Zuccotti Park. Photo: K.Udland


I was there. Renting an appartment for a few days on Wall Street in September 2011 when the people started moving. Having my large latte at Starbucks on 17th of September, the coffeeshop was occupied by young people working on computers and making posters out of cut cardboard.The room was tense. Being curious as always I asked a young woman what was going on - she wouldn’t tell. Watch her on the photo up front on the pavement on her way to the New York stock exchange and Wall Street. Making a change. On the first march.
Occupy Wall Street September 17th 2011. 
Photo: K. Udland

All was calm, I drank my coffee and left. To witness the first march on my way to the Charging Bull. Little did I know I witnessed a historic moment. Very few marchers to begin with - perhaps 20-30 at the most. The photo shows the very start on November 17th. With her - perhaps a student - up front and leading the way from the backstreets. With her statement: "DEMOCRACY NOT CORPORATOCRACY". Corporatocracy is a term used as an economic and political system controlled by corporations or corporate interests. She made her point.

I wish I had a soundtrack. Particularly from Zuccotti Park - it was mesmerizing - I couldn'leave. A part of me recognised the importance of the happening. The masses grew. More and more people arrived. The police arrived. The park attracted not only protest marchers - people showed up for support. Playing the guitar, sitting, being, protesting, making their statement - all in peace. I felt proud - perhaps strange - but I felt happy and proud. Someone dared to question and to act.
Occupy Wall Street. Day 1. Sept. 17th, 2011.
Photo: K.Udland

More people gathered. The police was very much present. They closed Wall Street and I was outside the street without documentation I stayed there. The doorman luckily recognized me.

I had been enjoying New York for a few days before arriving at Wall Street. Did morningyoga in Bryant Park, went jogging in Central Park - but the best parkexperience was yet to come. I travelled on a low budget and had to keep costs down. Through a rental company I was originally to stay at an apartment in Queens, which turned out was not finished. So - Wall Street it was. Tiffanys, the Charging Bull, roof terraces, the stock exchange and the American flag. Very strange and very different. And then came the protest and the marchers. The protest that is so large it is hard to grasp. The protest that says everything. We need change. 

We need to share and we need to care. 

s o r r y m u m

Intence energy. Occupy Wallstreet.Notice the mask down to the left.        
Photo: K.Udland 
Second and third and day the police was very much present. Photo: K.Udland

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is the name given to a protest movement that began on September 17, 2011, in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City's Wall Street financial district, receiving global attention and spawning the Occupy movement against social and economic inequality worldwide. OWS's goals include a reduction in the influence of corporations on politics, more balanced distribution of income,more and better jobs, bank reform(especially to curtail speculative trading by banks) and forgiveness of student loan debt(ref. Wikipedia). 

Reporting from Zuccotti Park. Occupy Wallstreet. Photo: K.Udland 
Occupy Wallstreet. Photo: K.Udland 
Occupy Wallstreet. Photo: K.Udland 
Occupy Wallstreet. All ages. Photo: K.Udland 
NY above Wall Street. Occupy Wall Street. Photo: K.Udland
More police officers than protest marchers? Photo: K.Udland


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