s o r r y m u m rebel - don't talk about it, be about it

Neigbourhood graffiti by unknown human being. Thanks, I enjoy it daily.

That is sooo hard..Don't talk about it, be about it. I truly admire people doing that - or being that. Dedicated. Being something. Not just during workinghours, but being and living it. Waking up in the morning being that person. Being a musician, a priest, a writer, a husband, a birdwatcher, a gardener, a traveller..being just that all your hours - and loving it. 

That is what life should be about. Not wanting to stop working because that job is not a job, it's what you are and want you seek to do every single second of the day. That does't mean you don't have to work hard. You do. The difference being it doesn't feel like work. It feels like fun. Like blogging, perhaps? 

I know people being, but not being able to make it into a living (not enough being?), and they work as a mailman in the mornings and play the drums in a band at night. Paint stunning portraits during the day and cut peoples hair in the afternoons. And I am in awe. Of all you people who have found your missions and your passions and living them. Being them. I would eat dirt for dinner to have your courage. You are true human beings. 

Is it living a dream? I believe some don't even dream it and never have. What they do is just what they're about. What are you about?
Me? I believe I'm a human doing working on the being-part. Always.
I am. Thank you.

s o r r y m u m


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