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I want to share this happy couple with you. They show so much love and respect for eachother, it is amazing. True love amongst animals. I have to believe they are capable of love seing Dash and Oranja and how they cuddle and play with eachother. Always respectfully.
Lionhug. Photo: K.Udland
I watched them everyday for 8 weeks - this inspiring couple making the best of their situation in captivity. Oranja has a bad hip and Dash is a nurturing and respectful friend. When I took the photos they went on like this for perhaps half an hour - calm and happy. Enjoing eachother. I do believe animals have a soul. How can I not?

s o r r y m u m
More hugging: Dash & Oranja. Photo: K.Udland

True love. Photo: K. Udland

Happy lion. Photo: K.Udland


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