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Fishing and wating - he got away. Loved it! See you soon.
Photos only. My secret paradise on Earth. Cold, preserved, hostile, warm and friendly it is - this, my favourite place on the planet. Where roots are deep and I go to nurture my body and soul. All nature. All peace. All photos by K.Udland. 


"Utedo". Look it up ;). Bolted for strong winds.


Building-material washed up from the sea

Invisible sauna

No comment 
Reindeer-tracks in the sand
The permanent recidents


Eat more: rhubarb, musli and "rømme"

Play: midnight-games on the beach

All seasons on a string

I dare you to find your place. The place where you connect. With yourself, with nature, with friends, with your lover. You will come to understand that life and living is not about your stuff - the Volvo, the Louis Vuitton, the colour of your walls, the pillows in your sofa, the luxury hotels or the latest iPhone. Learn to recognise these subsitutes. Stay long with as little as you can. It will hurt if you have never been whithout your material collection. You will feel stripped and it will all feel meaningless to you as you might actually have left the very core of your exitence. Change the core. Trust me - after a few days you will start wondering who you where. Go nature!

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