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s o r r y m u m – a name with the attitude!

by W-WOMENGLOBALLY posted on APRIL 7, 2009

What do you think about once you hear the name: ‘s o r r y m u m’? It sounds funky and at the same time you would like to check what idea is behind. Don’t you? I did.

And I found out that s o r r y m u m is not only about baby clothes. It’s about daring to be yourself. Also as a mom. I asked Karina Udland, the owner of this Norwegian baby clothes company, to share the story behind.

W-WomenGlobally: How did you get the idea of creating the business of your own?

Karina Udland, s o r r y m u m, CEO: The idea started when backpacking around the world with former husband and 3 kids for a year. My creativity needed a channel and I started drawing clothes. Then my sister had a baby and I wanted to buy her something cool and special, but of good quality. I started to paint lizards and bats on baby-bodies/onsies and it kind of took off from there. Have had some financial support from the Norwegian goverenment – they believe in the project and I’m very grateful.

W-WG: s o r r y m u m – why this name?

KU: To me it’s pointing at kids who go their own ways – like when later they protest with a tatoo they weren’t aloud to, or decorated the wall with their crayons and made a lovely picture, or travelled the world instead of studying law. When we dare to be different and question values and expectations. Some peoples reactions is that they the get sad: s o r r y m u m – for not living up to the expectations – and feel they have failed. How different people react to the name can tell me a little about who they are or used to be. Interesting.

W-WG: What is your professional background?

KU: I’m a homeopath by education and have 10 years of wonderful experience. Last years, however, I’ve worked more with sales and marketing. The reason why I started Sorrymum was that I wanted a change. Also I’m the mum of 3 and I’ve always listed that on my CV with pride – the best education in life one can get is raising kids and running a home, Ladies and Gentlemen – a lesson in/for life! Be proud!

W-WG: What is behind the concept of s o r r y m u m, your vision?

KU: The concept is going wider these days – I look forward to show you in perhaps 6 months! The concept also points out that it’s ok to be different. And strong – or not. Just be yourself. And to get there confrontations are needed. To confront your environment, authorities and yourself on values. Make conscious choises. CLEAN, SIMPLE, PURE, UNIQUE. Words I value. It’s ok to buy a designer chair from Arne Jacobsen if it’s what you really want and can buy. Or a “s o r r y m u m” for the quality and uniqueness. It will last longer and you will love it! My products are made of pure fabrics, they have superior quality as well as I focus on fair production. Scandinavian Simplicity. .

W-WG: Where can we buy s o r r y m u m?

KU: Sorrymum is now sold in only a few shops: in Norway, Greece and Spain, we also have an agent in Benelux. A distributor is presenting the brand in Italy these days and agents are also working in Hong Kong. It’s all very new and I’m waiting for the feedback. Presently I mainly look for distributors – in all countries, especially USA and Canada would be great. And India. France, of course. Denmark! So my intention in the near future is to work only with s o r r y m u m – running the company and expanding sales and products. s o r r y m u m-shops are also a possibility. I look for for investors as well as potential co-owners. New ideas are welcome!

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