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It makes me very happy to see that people in Germany read my blogg. So I will share my stay in Germany. I have great memories from Regensburg, Bavaria in the eighties - wow, it has been a while...If you haven´t already, you should go. And have a meal at the "Wurstkuchl", which claimes to be the oldest continually open restaurant in the world. They have been serving bratwurstl and sauerkraut for more than 500 years. From the Middle Ages! And the taste...forget everything you ever thought about sausages and sauerkraut and indulge yourself in the real thing:

Tavern by the Danube
By the Danube whirlpools right next to the Old Stone Bridge
you´ll find the over 500 year-old historical "Wurstkuchl".
Little has changed since the days where in the Middle Ages
Regensburg stonemasons and dockers treated themselves to
refreshment at this tavern: with its charcoal grill,
homemade sausages purely of ham of pork, sauerkraut
fermented in their own cellar and of course the Wurstkuchl
mustard following the original historical recipe of Elsa Schricker.

And then, for dessert, go visit "Dampfnudel-Uli" and have just that. Dampfnudlen. Steamed buns with vanilla custard. This meal will make you a very happy and a very full person. A nap is recommended. 
Thank you, Regensburg!

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