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Viser innlegg fra august, 2016

s o r r y m u m and the story of Sara - the dreaming cat

Once upon a time there was a giant cat named Sara. She had a wonderful stripy fur, the longest tail, and the sharpest teeth and claws. She could do anything. She could climb a wall straight up, jump from the top of a tree and land on her paws without hurting, open any door and sleep for twenty-four hours without moving a muscle. She was quite magic, Sara. 
Her favorite toy was a blue car. Her only regret in life was being too big to fit in it and she never got to drive it. But, believe me, she tried. She pushed it and dragged it. She opened the trunk and the doors but all she could fit in was her one paw. The one she landed on when jumping from giant trees and never getting hurt. The paw was stronger then King Kong and Tarzan and her claws sharper than a chefs knife. But still. She was just too big. Day in and night out she dreamt and day dreamt about her driving the lovely blue car in the bumpy streets of her hometown. The car was too small. Sara was too big. And nothing could change …