s o r r y m u m travel - Kiosk bar and restaurant in Budapest

Going for lunch on the Pest side of the river in Budapest. "Kiosk" was an excellent choice today. Sunny and tasty.  Try the risotto! At night they serve the happiest drinks and run Casblanca and other old movies on the wall. Mmm...and the hungarians let their dogs run freely in the city, by the way. Freewalking dogs. And everybody seem to enjoy dogs - they're just blending in naturally. They stay close to their owner, though. No stray-dogs. Happy dogs!

Great restaurants to visit is "Callas" by the Opera. And you should. Go to the Opera. It is magnificent and breathtakingly beautiful. "Pata Negra" has the best tapas. Even the cod - fresh fish is delivered to restaurants in Budapest from Italy daily. Have a glass of "Hungaria" sparkling whitewine in the book-cafe on Andrassy. Enjoy the music and the art deco ornaments - and the friendly service.

I will be back, Budapest. But I beg you to take good care of your lesser fortunate guests. Thank you.

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